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Owner/operator Nick Cortes has been in business for 24 years.  Did you know that 90% off all business fail after 10 years.  Do you know why Nick's Landscaping is still in business?  Simple, when you are trained by the very best in the world and you don't compromise your integrity, innovation and work ethic, you earn an excellent reputation and your business grows.  Before Nick started his landscaping business in Central New York he spent over 10 years with the #1 company in the world for presentation and customer service Walt Disney World.

 In his time with the Disney Company Mr. Cortes earned over 20 different distinctions in horticulture and landscaping.  His work was so well received that Mr. Cortes was hand picked to not only work on opening Epcot Center from 1979 to 1982 but also to spend 9 months in Japan opening the Tokyo Disney Resort .

Nick has made his home here and states, "Serving the Central New York area has been my pleasure for 24 years and I look forward to another 20." 

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